Home & Work Injuries

Work injuries may vary from small bruises and cuts to serious trauma that could make you stay at home for a significant amount of time. If you have ended up hurt at work and are not able to carry out your regular responsibilities, chiropractic care may offer you beneficial pain management.

If you seek chiropractic care regarding your work injury, you receive much more than pain relief. Dr. Rocco Pellegrino, can start aiding you through the process of doing an assessment of the injury, in addition to offering you an occupational health assessment. This kind of assessment makes it possible to determine what kinds of functions you’ll be able to do with your injuries and which kinds you ought to stay away from until you recuperate. The assessment you undertake assists Dr. Pellegrino target the exact place which is leading to pain and find out the main cause behind it.
Knowing the fundamental reason behind a work injury as well as the amount of the damage you’ve been subjected to enables our chiropractor to establish a treatment plan for you. This plan of action consists of chiropractic solutions, including manual adjustments to your spinal cord. These types of adjustments provide Dr. Pellegrino a chance to correctly realign your spinal discs, which could relieve stiffness and pain related to your work injuries. Dr. Pellegrino may also suggest other kinds of therapy to help in your recovery, including trigger point therapy or ultrasound. Take into account that additionally we take workers’ compensation into consideration when generating your treatment plan. We are able to help make certain you will get chiropractic care insurance coverage for a work-related injury, to help you make a complete recovery.




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